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Moving to Picasa... (probably)
Posted at 7:36pm 21/10/07 by dunkyboy
I've been playing with Google Picasa as an alternative for sorting and uploading my photos... It's a lot slicker and easier to use than manually uploading to dunkyboy.com, and you get the full resolution images.... I'm actually thinking of buying extra Google storage and using it as a complete backup of all of my pics - but we'll see.

For now, check out my public albums directory at: http://picasaweb.google.com/dunkyboy

I've also got some private albums - if you know me, send me an email and I might give you the private URLs for them. :) (It's just family stuff, holidays and the like.)
Australia pics!!!!
Posted at 9:08pm 08/04/07 by dunkyboy
Yes, you read that right! I've finally gotten round to putting up the pics from our last Australia trips!! Check them out HERE!
New flat pics!
Posted at 11:03pm 04/04/07 by dunkyboy
I've been super-quick in getting these up (compared to most of my photos), so woo for me! Head over to the Archive and check 'em out.
Latest foolproof business venture - Hairy Bastard!
Posted at 4:40pm 18/02/07 by dunkyboy
In the next few days, www.hairy-bastard.com should take you to my newest CafePress shop. If it's not, you can get there by going straight to www.cafepress.com/HairyBastard.

I've only just got it up, and have a lot more ideas for t-shirt designs. I'm also hoping to tart up the website a bit, make it look a bit more professional (though I quite like the plain 'n simple look). Kenny, if you have any ideas for designs, let me know - I'll give you a cut of the [great heaping masses of] profit! That goes for everyone really...

Anyway, buy shirts, lots of them! Tell all your friends! Particularly your hairy friends! And keep checking back to see what designs I'm cooking up...
New recipe page
Posted at 9:12pm 29/11/06 by dunkyboy
I've just added a page to the Misc section listing tasty recipes I've had the pleasure of sampling. This was inspired by the amazing Thanksgiving foodfest we had at the Haunted House last Sunday - amazing stuff! I'll also be adding any other recipes that come to my attention though, so have a LOOK.
Wee handy function for programmers
Posted at 12:31pm 31/10/06 by dunkyboy
Just made a little page that might come in handy for programmers. It just displays the current Unix time in milliseconds. It's the sort of thing that can come in handy for programmers, but which strangely doesn't seem to exist on the net...

Go HERE to have a look.

For some reason, it doesn't work in IE. It's just a simple little JavaScript, so no idea why not. If anyone can tell me, please do!
New July pics
Posted at 12:30am 27/07/06 by dunkyboy
I've just put up a large bunch of pics from this past month. A lot's gone on this month... And there's still another batch or two to go!

The latest news - I've just bought myself a new lens for me camera. It's the Canon 50mm f1.4 prime, and it's luvverly (see HERE for details). Much sharper than the 18-55mm kit lens, with better colour saturation and bokeh. Oh, and f1.4!! That's one big-ass aperture! Makes for awesome night shots, as well as great shallow depth of field. I've put some pics up just now that I've just taken with it. Nothing special, but might give you an idea what it's capable of. I plan to use it as my everyday lens, as a replacement for the kit lens.

I got it for Australia actually. Only one month away!! I've also ordered a Sigma 10-20mm super-wide angle lens (see HERE), which should be good fun, and handy for capturing sweeping Aussie landscapes. It's not in stock with the shop though, so I'll probably have to wait a few weeks. Damn well better arrive before Oz though!

Some time after Oz (after my finances have recuperated!) I plan on rounding out my lens collection with either A) a nice telephoto (e.g. Canon 200mm f2.8L) and a nice macro (e.g. Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 Macro) or B) a nice telephoto macro (e.g. Sigma 180mm Macro). Can't imagine I'd need more than that lot... Digital SLRs are so much fun!
www.kennyarmstrong.com is alive!
Posted at 11:05am 05/07/06 by dunkyboy
I've finally got Kenny's new website up and running on its own domain: www.kennyarmstrong.com . It's still missing some content, but don't look at me - that's all Kenny!

It's currently in sketch form. It's up to Kenny whether he wants to do it up all polished like, but I think it looks pretty good like this.
Started a CafePress t-shirt store
Posted at 6:29pm 03/07/06 by dunkyboy
Due to a woeful lack of quality quotes t-shirts I've decided to start a CafePress shop selling just that - shirts with some of my favourite quotes on them.

I'm just starting to get the hang of the CafePress system, so I've only got one design up at the moment. Hopefully, more should be forthcoming soon.

Check it out: www.cafepress.com/QuoteCity
Posted at 11:25pm 21/06/06 by dunkyboy
I actually managed to get Becky to agree to releasing the block on some pics of her! Amazing! Check 'em out in the Isle of Cumbrae section of the pic archive.
Loads of new pics
Posted at 11:13pm 14/06/06 by dunkyboy
I've just put up several loads of recent pics, including our hike up Ben Ledi (Dad, Becky and me), our trip to the beach on Cumbrae last weekend (Becky, her flatmates Fiona and Elise, and their friend Miriam), and our dim sum dinner at the Rainbow Arch restaurant (Becky, me, and most of the Haunted House crew), as well as some generic ones from this month.

I've censored the Cumbrae ones a tad (you'll see the numbering is a bit wonky), pending clearance with the BBFC (Becky Board of Film/photo Classification). Hopefully should be able to get a few more up there... :)

I've also reworked the funky image-manipulation PHP scripts in the Archive page so that the page loads much, much faster now. Ph34r teh ski11z!
And now Cassis pics too!
Posted at 9:13pm 14/05/06 by dunkyboy
I'm on a roll! Got another batch of pics up in the Archive, this time from Becky and my trip to Cassis, France in February (for our anniversary). If you're lucky I might get even more up there soonish maybe...
Florida pics!
Posted at 9:11am 13/05/06 by dunkyboy
At long last, a new batch of pics for dunkyboy.com! I decided to start with the latest batch and work backwards - otherwise I'd never get around to doing anything ever... So you may now head over to the Archive and check out the pics from my trip to Florida last week for Kenny's graduation from Ringling School of Art & Design. Dad was there and Mom and a whole bunch of Langleys - it was great fun.

I'm back in Edinburgh now, and back to the daily grind (which as far as daily grinds go, is pretty sweet). Dad should be coming round these parts in a couple weeks, so that'll be fun. (Need more cachaça!)

I've been playing with my new toy lots - a Canon EOS Rebel XT (a.k.a. EOS 350D in Europe), just like Kenny's. It's great! So much fun. I'll put up pics when I get around to it... I've also got a backlog of 700 pics to get up next... sigh...

That's all for now!
Posted at 2:34am 25/12/05 by dunkyboy
So yeah, I find myself in my dad's house in Brasilia, Brazil for three weeks over the holidays! The fact that more than two of those weeks have already evaporated is sad, but I'm still here for now so I'm not too sad. Oh and it's Christmas, whoop.

Been trying to track down any old friends who might still be here, but haven't had any luck so far - where is everybody??

Got a load of pics to put up (as well as a whole bucketful from earlier), but that'll have to wait till I'm back I think. I'm back on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, just in time for the big New Year's party at The House...
One Million Dollars!
Posted at 2:23pm 29/09/05 by dunkyboy
I've been following the progress of one Alex Tew for a good few weeks now in his most ingenious endeavour, the Million Dollar Homepage. The guy's made $200,000 from it! And growing, FAST!

Anyway, a number of copycat/ripoff sites have popped up, my favourite being the Million Dollar Dungeon for, uhh, no particular reason...
New pics!
Posted at 12:16am 04/07/05 by dunkyboy
Pics of the family visit of a month ago, the REM concert at Loch Lomond, Dad's and Helen's respective new houses, the Make Poverty History march, and more! Head over to the Pics section and check 'em out.
New pics
Posted at 4:45pm 19/03/05 by dunkyboy
Just put up some new pics... Head on over to the Archive and check 'em out.
I'm baaack!
Posted at 10:33pm 14/03/05 by dunkyboy
At long last - the internet is mine again! I've finally managed to bodge together an internet connection for myself in the new flat. So I'm back. Baby! Rest easy, poor hungry souls - all those untold thousands of unrequited emails you've doubtless been sending me will at last get their dearly desired replies. Rejoice!

Oh, and thanks Jenny for keeping the news page up to date during my extended sabbatical.
Duncan's gainfully employed!!!111oneoneone
Posted at 11:25pm 02/03/05 by jenny
Duncan got a job, that isn't a temp job, that actually involves using his computer skills. Woohoo! More details, I do not have.
head 'em up and mooove 'em out
Posted at 8:55pm 01/03/05 by jenny
Duncan and Karl have left the sunny climes of West Preston Street, for adventure on the high seas of Morningside. Scott happened by at a critical moment and ended up helping for the entire move (praise be!). Duncan's room is now enoooooooormous.
Sunday Evening Vinyl Appreciation Club
Posted at 10:04pm 27/02/05 by jenny
Andrew Seales generously provided the venue for tonight's international vinyl appreciation meeting. Membership currently numbers only two, and meetings are held sitting, huddled closely (perhaps for warmth) on the floor.

We hope to see more of the vice-president of this clandestine organisation, known only as 'Becky'.

Duncan appears disinclined to increase membership to the exclusive club in the near future or reveal any details as to its operations.
Holiday pics!
Posted at 1:29am 12/01/05 by dunkyboy
Got back yesterday from my holiday in Florida visiting Mom & Kenny - just in time too as flights have been grounded due to gale-force winds today..! Anyway, I've put up the pics - nearly 100 of them! Check 'em out in the Archive.

In other news, I found out yesterday that I'm going to be kicked out of my flat at the end of the month. Big fat bummer, that is. Especially as I'm unemployed at the moment, which doesn't exactly endear one to prospective landlords... So if you know of any flats available in Edinburgh, or know anyone looking for a flatmate (or two - my flatmate Karl is out on his ass too), do let me know ASAP.
Paris pics!
Posted at 3:31pm 29/11/04 by dunkyboy
Got back from a trip to Paris with Nathifa and Andrew and all the Pelczars! It was brilliant - and here is the photographic evidence: http://www.dunkyboy.com/pics/archive.php?curdir=images/04-11/Paris/
Kenny's got some new artwork up!
Posted at 4:20pm 18/11/04 by dunkyboy
Go HERE to see Kenny's online portfolio so far. The new pics ("gordon", "threeleggedsoccer", and "FromOurHouse") are fantastic!
Pics at last
Posted at 3:58pm 07/11/04 by dunkyboy
At long last, I've completed my automatic image resizer and thumbnail creater script, so I can just stick raw image files (of any size) in the right directory and my PHP script resizes them to the right resolution and creates thumbnails in the appropriate directory all by itself!

This may not sound like much but I used to have to do this by hand, one picture at a time, in photoshop, which is the reason it often took me ages to get around to putting up new pics. But now it's easypeasy so I don't have any excuses...

Anyway, in celebration I've put up the latest batch of pics for your perusal, including one from Amy-Anne's visit, a couple from Sony's visit, and a whole bunch from our Halloween party last weekend. Check 'me out in the Archive.
For Sale page
Posted at 11:07pm 20/10/04 by dunkyboy
Just added a For Sale page where I'll advertise stuff I'm selling. Check it out some time (though the only thing on at the moment will really only apply to die hard hifi loons like me...)
The move!
Posted at 11:52am 13/10/04 by dunkyboy
It is done! Dunkyboy.com has moved to [MUCH] roomier digs and the old photo archive has been restored to its former glory (rejoice!) To celebrate I shall be putting up some new pics forthwith (including some pics from Sony's visit last weekend!)

Now, you may have noticed that the URL of this page and others is not actually 'www.dunkyboy.com' anymore - this is intentional ("do not adjust your television sets") and should be temporary. I just have to get the dunkyboy.com domain redirected to the new server, which shouldn't take long (a few days at most).

Anyway, this should give me a lot more freedom to add things to the site (not least lots and lots of pics), and I'll be able to use the new server to host other sites as well (I've got an idea for one already...)
Possible major hosting overhaul for Dunkyboy.com?
Posted at 3:08am 19/09/04 by dunkyboy
In other news, I may be joining Alex on a fairly heavy-duty hosting package (actually a full virtual server, which gives a LOT more flexibility than the Ghoulnet package I'm currently using) that I can use for all number of funky sites and storage and things. So I may be able to put the whole set of old files from the Dunkyboy.com photo archive that I've had to remove due to space requirements. It would also make it a lot easier to set up funky SQL databases and suchlike, so I should be able to experiment with more interesting features and ideas for Dunkyboy.com, as well as any other sites I may create.

Speaking of which, I am in the process of writing a website for Kenny. It'll be barebones simple to start with, but once I get it up and running Kenny can hopefully help me to flesh it out a bit. I should get the basic rough draft up and running by tomorrow (Sunday), so have a look here: http://webspace.ringling.edu/~karmstro/ and tell me what you think.
New pics!
Posted at 3:02am 19/09/04 by dunkyboy
Yay! At long last I've cleared out the backlog of pics from my camera - I had stuff on there from as early as April... Anyway, I've selected the cream of the crop to put in the dunkyboy.com ARCHIVE, as per the low disk space on dunkyboy.com. I've managed to get away with only deleting some of the subfolders from previous months to make room for the new batch.

Anyway, enjoy...
Drastic pic archive reduction
Posted at 2:54pm 07/06/04 by dunkyboy
Due to an increase in spam and a fuller understanding of how mail spooling works on my server (and how much bloomin' space it takes up!) in order to ensure that I keep receiving emails, I've had to delete a whole bunch of pics off the Dunkyboy.com archive. :(

'Tis a sad day indeed...
Posted at 11:48am 15/05/04 by kenny
Sarah and I leave for London today. We have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday there, pretty much (three nights at a hostel) then we leave Wednesday. I don't think Ireland is on the schedule (anything involving more money spent is Sarah's department), so if we DON'T stay anywhere for a night or two, although thank you for the suggestions everyone, we'll be in Edinburgh sometime on Wednesday. I have your phone numbers and everything, so I'll call you from somewhere. See you soon!
To Do
Posted at 10:35pm 14/05/04 by jenny
So you coming straight up from london

now? I had some thoughts, but they're not necessarily that cheap ...

If you like castles, warwick castle (£10) is the definitive, pity you'll miss the jousting, looks like scottish bank holiday weekends and english ones are different

York is nice, and maybe about half way. I seem to remember the jorvik centre there was good (looks like £7.50), not just because of the 'authentic' smells of vikings. but i was pretty young when i
went there.


When you get here, just outside edinburgh is this ratho quarry place i've heard good things about. Apparently the sky ride is really fun. and the food is good too. I couldn't find prices online though.

Posted at 10:34pm 14/05/04 by dunkyboy
Can't say I know much about the wastelands between London and Edinburgh. If it were up to me I'd prolly just stay an extra day or two in London and see more of it. But Jenny or Dad or someone can surely be more useful.

Ooh, there is Durham. It's a town you pass on the train up from London and it's gorgeous (every time I pass it on the train I go "ooooh I wanna get off here"), though I don't know if there's really that much to *do* there. It's that town that the author guy really liked in that audio book we listened to (Notes from a Small Island). Alex is actually from Durham so maybe he can suggest something.

Oh, and what happened to Ireland? When will you be arriving here in E-burgh?
stuff to do
Posted at 5:52pm 14/05/04 by kenny

If you can reply before 12noon on Saturday (tomorrow) wait, that's noon MY time, so like 6ish(in the evening) your time, I would like to know some cheap, fun things to do/places to go between London and Edinburgh. I trust your judgement on what "fun" and "cheap" qualify as, so please help out if possible! Thanks!
Posted at 4:36am 21/04/04 by kenny
Actually, I would honestly consider that, Jenny. I don't know about the lovely gal I end up with, but Quentin Tarquil will definitely come up. Anyway, the news. Duncan, Sarah and I are on our ways to come see you! So, make way! We arrive in London on the 16th of May, where we'll be staying 3 nights (doing God knows what) at a hostel, which I will give you the name of when I book it. Then, we PLAN, but have not figured out, to make our way to Ireland (Dublin, perhaps?) for a few days. My ex-roommate Vinnie should meet us there. THEN, we'll meander on over to Edinburgh and spend the rest of our days with you and yours. And get to see Andrew! Yay! And Jenny! Yay! Oh, and those other relatives that live there. We leave from London on the 31st. So, there. That's that. Just so you know. Ta!
Posted at 6:10am 19/04/04 by jenny
Great idea, Kenny, I've got a middle name for you too. How about Quentin Tarquil Armstrong? I'll come to the christening.
Posted at 2:14am 19/04/04 by kenny

Kill Bill Vol. 2 is amazing (as expected, of course). God bless Quentin Tarantino. I guess that goes for anyone named Quentin. Hmmm. Quentin Armstrong. Yep! Got a name for my firstborn!
Posted at 3:45pm 16/04/04 by kenny

If you haven't already seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (is it playing in Britain yet?), get off your posterior and go see it. It totally blew me away both in its flawless editing and its wonderfully original concept. Also the acting was perfect. And the music worked well. C'mon: Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry, Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Elijah Wood? It's so worth the trip to the theatre and, yes Duncan, it's even worth seeing on the big screen. Just go, okay?
"server broke," - a likely story
Posted at 8:16pm 07/04/04 by jenny
Time to learn how to make it do auto backups.

Personally, i think you're just embarrassed of the boringness of the news.

Duncan has been spotted waking up in the morning several days this week! Flatmates were unavailable for comment.
---- ----
Posted at 6:28pm 07/04/04 by dunkyboy
Once again, Dunkyboy.com's server went down in flames the other day, eliminating all recent news articles.... Not that there was much added since the last server meltdown..

Anyway, my hosting company will shortly be overhauling their servers in a big way in the coming months so hopefully this will be the last time it happens.
Posted at 1:46am 06/10/03 by dunkyboy
Alex Mordue and I have just started our own company(ish) doing random computer jobs and web design. Check it out at www.armstrongmordue.co.uk. Let me know if you notice any errors or have any ideas or suggestions. I'm particularly interested in the perspective of the non-techies among us, as that's likely to be our primary client-base.

Hopefully we should be able to get enough work to keep us going a while, and who knows - maybe it'll take off? ;)
Posted at 9:05pm 05/10/03 by kenny
Just came back from a Radiohead concert . . . oh, my god! That was a good show. Thom Yorke didn't levitate like Ben Folds, but they sure put a smile on my face. Oh, and Supergrass opened for them, if you've heard of 'em. THey were okay.
Email news notification!
Posted at 4:49pm 21/09/03 by dunkyboy
I've now set it up so that you can be notified by email whenever a news article is posted to Dunkyboy.com News. I've already added Dad, Mom, Kenny, Jenny, and myself to the list of people to send to, but I can add more - if you want in, just let me know. (Similarly, if you're signed up and you want out, let me know!)
Veggie Kenny and the Fast Food Nation
Posted at 3:38pm 21/09/03 by dunkyboy
Last night I finished reading the excellent book 'Fast Food Nation' by Erich Schlosser, so Kenny's decision to go veggie doesn't seem so crazy to me... If you haven't read FFN you really should, especially if you frequent the world's many, many fast food joints. It WILL change your eating habits, and maybe your views on the world.

Personally, I like meat too much to abandon it, but I haven't been to a fast food restaurant in years and after reading FFN, I definitely intend to keep it that way! I'll also try to pay more attention to where the meat I buy at supermarkets comes from (and so should you!)
I'm famous!
Posted at 3:32pm 21/09/03 by dunkyboy
I was on TV just now! Well, sort of. They read out my email in today's BBC Talking Point program on the WTO and the collapse of trade negotiations in Cancun! I rock! \o/

BTW, you really should check out the BBC News website if you want a great source of world news (Americans especially!) I've recently been enjoying their excellent discussion programs that can be viewed for free streamed off the website. There was an excellent one last week about Islam and the West that I enjoyed very much, and today's WTO one was also excellent.
Meat is the Devil
Posted at 10:00pm 20/09/03 by kenny
That's right! Eating dead animals is no longer a part of my daily regime. I guess it wasn't really before, but it happened often enough. So now, I'm a tofu-eating, soymilk-drinking, veggie burger-cooking herbivore. And it's great! Despite the obvious frustrations (carnivorous, T-bone devouring flatmates, etc.) and occasional temptations (NOT Burger King), life as a vegetarian is good. I highly recommend it. It's not as hard as you may think. Plus, that's one less thing in the fridge that you have to worry about going bad.
Email disaster!
Posted at 1:12pm 17/09/03 by dunkyboy
Okay, I've just been forced to eradicate all traces of MS Outlook on my computer and reinstall it after it went completely tits up. Thus, all my contact information (and all messages in my inbox) are lost. So, if everybody could send me an email ASAP so that I can add your details to my contact list that would be very useful...
Amazing website
Posted at 12:53am 17/09/03 by dunkyboy
Just discovered this amazing website: http://www.nobodyhere.com/justme/me.here

Words can't really describe it... just go.
New pics
Posted at 10:39pm 14/09/03 by dunkyboy
Just put up some new pics, one lot from a walk down by Gullane beach with Dad & Helen & Ian, and the other from the bramble-picking session alluded to in Jenny's post. Check 'em out HERE.
Posted at 9:47am 11/09/03 by jenny
If anyone wants to hire an experienced and thorough blackberry picker, D. Armstrong is your man. He will eat 50% of the crop, but will also harvest obsessively every ripe and tasty berry until he drops down from purple belly syndrome (bramble poisoning).
Posted at 10:01pm 30/08/03 by dunkyboy
To those of you who weren't sure, yes this is officially a blog, as well as a news page. So if you've got a blog and want to link to mine, feel free - just let me know you did so I can return the favour. :)

That said, I doubt I'll be updating this page as often as most bloggers update their blogs...
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
Posted at 4:16pm 30/08/03 by dunkyboy
Discovered this brilliant website all about Hollywood's predilection to warp the laws of physics, often to ridiculous extremes (check out the review of 'The Core'!) Loads of interesting facts to browse through (for instance, did you know bullets don't "spark" when they ricochet, and a blast from a shotgun would never be able to throw a person backward), and it's just generally good fun. Check it out HERE.
Posted at 3:16pm 30/08/03 by dunkyboy
So, this is what's up with me right now. I graduated uni in July, so have been very unemployed, and even more broke, since then. I've been hunting for programming and web design jobs in and around Edinburgh, with little success so far. I bought Dave's business, Figure5, though, for a fiver. No assets, but a client list (Dave is a friend who used to do random bits of computery work for random people), so that's a start. Thinking of going into business with Alex (Mordue) in a small way, once he's moved into his shiny new flat (which he's currently in the process of doing now). I really just need a bit of extra cash just now to pay this month's rent, and bills... I'll probably end up getting some kind of part-time work somewhere just for the cash. Apparently it's easy to get a job as a temp, so I may try that.

I've also signed on for the dole, but they haven't decided if they're going to give me any money yet... We'll see how that goes.
Posted at 2:27pm 30/08/03 by dunkyboy
I've finally written a spiffy, PHP-based news page! Hooray! Now it should be a breeze to add news, which will hopefully mean I'll be doing it more often, and not just for Dunkyboy.com news, but for personal news as well.

By the way, the system allows multiple contributors, so if you want to contribute news to this page, just let me know and I'll sort you out an account. Could be handy for family/friends of my illustrious self to keep up to date.
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